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  • 29 Nov 2022 12:46 | Bosco (Administrator)

    Ghazalas Story

    Ghazala first came to the community center with her family in 2019 in hopes to be involved in Swiss4Lebanons informal education activities. At the time, Ghazala was 7 years old, and, like her elder brother and father, suffered from profound bilateral sensorial hearing loss. Her family, who fled from Syria just before the war in 2010, was unable to afford tending to Ghazala’s hearing condition.

    Teachers at our community center welcomed Ghazala and tried as much as possible to involve her in activities, yet any full and active engagement could only happen by first treating Ghazala’s condition. As local staff began to witness similar cases as Ghazala, S4L realized the necessity of opening a special needs classroom in order to cater to children with learning difficulties and special needs. Ghazala was one of the first children to receive assistance. In April 2021, her and two other children visited a specialty hospital in Beirut to assess the level of hearing loss. The doctor presented Ghazala with two options, to first try a high power bilateral hearing aid, yet given the very late intervention, there was a probability the hearing aid would not provide the desired result. In case of the latter, Ghazala would have to undergo the second option, which would be a cochlear implant for improved hearing. Accordingly, it was decided that Ghazala first try the hearing aid for a period of three months in conjunction with intensive speech therapy sessions. If there were signs of limited to no improvement, an implant would be required.

    S4L carried out all the necessary measures to ensure that Ghazala’s hearing loss would be gradually improved and restored. A bilateral hearing aid was installed on April 6, 2021, with follow-up consultations to confirm proper usage and handling of the hearing aid. A speech therapist carried out an assessment to detect the level of speech and language disorder associated with Ghazala’s hearing impairment in early June. The assessment showed significant difficulty in the domains of articulation, phonology, and oral language (vocabulary and syntax were limited to one word sentences), and hence, speech therapy sessions were scheduled for Ghazala twice a week. Seven months into working closely with Ghazala, the level of improvement exceeded all expert expectations. Ghazala can now produce phrases of 3-4 words on demand with no visual support. Articulation of the sounds “k, ħ, s” has been attained with visual prompts and the sounds “x, z, r” are in progress. Intelligibility of speech is improved even for some complex and/or long words. Further intervention and support is needed to maintain progress and improve communication. As reinforcement, Ghazala attends the special needs classroom at the community center three times a week where her learning is enhanced.

    Ghazala has acquired a stronger sense of self and confidence and she is no longer the timid and cautious girl she used to be. She shows an unyielding commitment and determination to grow despite the hardships and dire living conditions she endures. In the summer of 2021, Ghazala’s mother passed away due to COVID without getting the chance to witness Ghazala’s progress. Her only worry was Ghazala’s future, and her only wish was that she would become empowered through treating her impairment and accessing education.

    Ghazala continues to demonstrate true potential and a passion for learning in hopes that she has the brighter future her mother desired for her.

    Links to film and documentary:


    Schweizer Fernsehen SRF Sendung Mitenand:

  • 29 Nov 2022 12:39 | Bosco (Administrator)

    23 November 2022, Brussels.

    Press Release: Let’s unlock efficiency and sustainability gains through the full digital transformation of business says BT4Europe


    BT4Europe, the European Network of Business Travel Associations, today launched a Position Paper on Digital Transformation in Business Travel.

    BT4Europe, represents European buyers and users of business travel services, is urging EU regulators to promote the full digital transformation of business travel. The business travel industry, with millions of Europeans travelling on business every year, sustains thousands of jobs across Europe and is vital to our economies and our societies. Full digital transformation will unlock efficiency and sustainability gains.

    This Position Paper, developed by BT4Europe’s Digital Transformation Working Group, urges EU regulators to ensure the forthcoming EU initiatives on passenger rights and multimodal digital mobility services (MDMS) to promote the full digital transformation of business travel. BT4Europe is also urging the EU to make use of the digital transformation to exempt business travel from the bureaucratic A1 cross-border social security form.

    ‘BT4Europe is arguing for nothing short of the full digital transformation of business travel to facilitate seamless paper free cross-border business travel. In our Position Paper we set out the key challenges to achieving the sector’s digital transformation, assess how they should be addressed and make recommendations for action. We invite the entire travel sector to support these recommendations and the EU to take action to implement them.’ says Patrick W. Diemer, Chair of BT4Europe.

    ‘The EU’s forthcoming initiatives on multimodal digital mobility services and passenger rights represent a timely opportunity to make sustainable, connected and automated multimodal mobility a reality. For instance by making it possible for passengers to buy a single ticket for multimodal and cross-border journeys. Smarter mobility will strengthen passenger rights and promote sustainable travel options and doing away with paperwork such as the bureaucratic A1 Social Security Form, will boost our economy’, says Dominic Short, Chair of the BT4Europe’s Digital Transformation Working Group.


    Dominic Short concluded, ‘All stakeholders – business, citizens and the European Union must work together to seize the benefits of full digital transformation in the up coming EU proposals, to unlock efficiency and sustainability gains, to benefit business travellers, economy, and the environment.‘

    Patrick W. Diemer and Dominic Short are available for interview.

    For more information on the press release please contact


    For more information on the European Network of Business Travel Associations, and to obtain a copy of the position paper please contact

  • 31 Oct 2022 10:11 | Bosco (Administrator)


    Some more additional information:

    Who is One Global?

    One Global is a company owned by both World Travel Inc (WTI) and Clarity and is a community of world leading TMC’s, who have partnered to provide true, global travel management services to SME’s and emerging global businesses through local expertise, best in market reputations and global technologies.

    Why did Clarity and World Travel decide to create the JV – One Global and why Kuoni Business Travel joined?

    For many years TMC's have been adapting their offering to meet the needs of global customers and created various types of network models, however, clients are wanting and needing true global solutions and there has always been gaps around 1) global technologies 2) globally consistent servicing 3) something different to the model the mega agencies offer.

    With Covid really turning our industry upside down, for many TMC's around the world, the focus continues to be on recovery and rightly so. For both WTI and Clarity who have been part of various networks in the past, it presented an opportunity to create a global community consisting of best in market TMC's, who share our values, with true global technologies and servicing solutions, which is what clients both expect and need. Importantly, the creation of One Global provides both Clarity and WTI with the ability to retain more business, when our existing clients expand into other markets as well as win new business. And for us the most important reason:  How is One Global different from other TMC’s and Networks?

    Mega TMC’s and Networks that cover multiple markets are very rigid in their approach, forcing clients to conform to their specific service models and technologies.

    One Global is entirely different and built to offer greater flexibility and depth than the rest of the global players. Our focus is being consistent where it matters and different where needed.

    One Global is consistent in the right places:

    • Point of entry
    • Profile & Policy-
    • Online Booking Tool
    • Service levels-Content
    • Duty of care

  • 31 Oct 2022 10:06 | Bosco (Administrator)

    Hozaifa Ibrahim, a 13-year-old boy, is one of the many Syrian children who had to flee their homes when the violence started in Syria.

    Hozaifa lives in Masakin-Tyre, South Lebanon with his parents and two youngest sisters. His father is a tile installer who recently suffered a work injury and had to rest at home. His mother is a housewife who takes care of the house and the kids. Hozaifa, as the eldest son, is required to assist his father in earning money, therefore he works a few days a week at a grocery store in Al Bas Camp.

    On other days, he participates in the informal education program at the Nour Community Center of Swiss4Lebanon, and then attends a regular school in the afternoon. Teachers at the center frequently hear Hozaifa comparing the center to the school he attends, claiming that the center is more fun and that he learns more there, while he complains that the teachers at the official school do not provide him with adequate knowledge and information.

    Some month ago, Hozaifa took part in Mourjjan4Children's Creative workshop. The program's goal is to bring together Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian youth to help them overcome their differences and work together constructively. It enables the kids to express their feelings and opinions via art without fear of being judged.

    Hozaifa struggled at first to work in a group and share things with his friends. He even admitted to one of the coordinators that he preferred working on his own. Hozaifa was able to work in a group at the end of the workshop and even discuss small discoveries he made as well as his feelings. Hozaifa returned to the center the next day, eager to inform his peers about his workshop experience. He even said to one of the teachers, "Yesterday was the best day of my life!" referring to the workshop's last day.  Mourjjan4Children's creative workshop had such an impression on Hozaifa that he is always wondering when the next round would begin.

  • 31 Oct 2022 09:49 | Bosco (Administrator)

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Today we're pleased to draw your attention to a very special event in Zurich. The cooperation with the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP is a matter close to our hearts. We want to do something good for the people in the regions we travel to and promote educational opportunities in developing countries by building schools.

    With us you can experience Reiner Meutsch personally and learn many impressions of his work and the history behind it.

    Secure a seat for his one-of-a-kind live show "Adventure World Tour" in Zurich and listen to his impressive experiences from countless countries!

    For you as a customer of Kuoni Business Travel and a member of the ASTM, the ticket price is of course free of charge.

    Fly & Help

    «Around the world adventure» 

    with Reiner Meutsch and international artists

    100,000 flight kilometers for a good cause

    Having started out in snow and ice in January 2010, the pilot Reiner Meutsch returns to his native Westerwald after a ten-month trip around the world. In a fascinating two-hour live show, he takes you on the journey of his life with colorful pictures, entertaining videos and a very personal live moderation. World-class musicians and acrobats from different continents accompany his lively stories.

    Location: Hotel Baur au Lac

    Date: Monday 14 November 2022

    Admission: 6.30 p.m

    Start:  7.30 p.m

    End: approx. 10 p.m. (incl. 20 min. break)

    Ticket price: Advance online booking €15 / box office €18

    Language: German

    Join us on a spectacular journey around the world and order your ticket today: order tickets

    order tickets

    Part of the live show will benefit the Reiner Meutsch "Fly & Help" foundation. That is why we would like to make our contribution.

    Kuoni Business Travel & ASTM will cover the cost of the tickets for you. Enter the promo code AW22 when ordering, we will double the amount for every ticket you have paid for and donate it to the foundation.

    We are really looking forward to your coming, you can expect 150 unforgettable minutes full of emotions and adventurous stories.

    The ASTM & Kuoni Business Travel

  • 28 Sep 2022 15:38 | Bosco (Administrator)

    It all started with a small suitcase full of children's clothes, which we transported to Lebanon in 2013 for the Syrian refugee children. However, we soon realized that clothes were not enough to offer the children protection and hope. The suitcase became a community center for over 140 refugee children from Syria and other vulnerable young people from different nations. Regardless of political or religious affiliation.

    In January 2016, our school "Nour" opened its doors and has grown steadily and successfully since then. Other important school programs such as special education, music school, creative workshop, computer courses and literacy classes for mothers, have been added.

    The education of children is essential, creates security and is the only possibility to build up an own existence in the future. In recent years we have been able to accompany many impressive stories and see how our Community Center has become an important refuge and a place of security. Our concept of direct help through education works especially because we are on site ourselves with our partner organization "Beit Bil Jnoub" and know and select the teachers personally. The transformation is impressive and proof that our concept is bearing fruit. In a very short time, the children blossom and learn much more than reading and writing. They are building self-confidence and learning respect for one another. With our organization, we are doing everything we can to ensure that this important project continues in a sustainable and lasting way.

    If you would like to support our school “Nour” or our Community Center please use these banking details:

    Swiss Franc Account IBAN CH35 0070 0114 8032 4510 8

    Euro Account IBAN CH64 0700 0130 0092 3560 4

    ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank

    8010 Zürich

    Association S4L

    Auf der Mauer 17

    8001 Zürich


    If you would like to support MOURJJAN4CHILDREN please use these banking details:

    Swiss Franc Account IBAN CH25 0070 0114 8032 4509 4

    Euro Account IBAN CH42 0070 0130 0092 3561 2


    ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank

    8010 Zürich

    Association S4L

    Auf der Mauer 17

    8001 Zürich


    If you have any questions you can reach me here: or on my mobile +41 79 432 43 08

    I am very much looking forward to presenting our association at your upcoming events.

    Jessica Mor-Camenzind




  • 28 Sep 2022 11:12 | Bosco (Administrator)

    What is the Certificate of Coverage about?

    As soon as an employee travels for business reasons to another country of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association (EU/EFTA states; in addition to Switzerland these are the EU states, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), he must carry a Certificate of Coverage according to the national social security law of Switzerland.

    This certifies that the coordination rules applicable between Switzerland and the EU/EFTA states apply to the traveller and that the holder only has to pay social security contributions in the country that issued the certificate.

    Important: in the Social Security Act, this refers to the posted person. Even a business traveller who travels to another EU/EFTA country for one day is considered as a posted worker.

    When is a Certificate of Coverage required?

    A Certificate of Coverage is mandatory for each individual posting. If a business trip takes place for only one day, e.g. to France and then to the Netherlands, two Certificates of Coverage are necessary.

    An exception exists if the traveler travels regularly over a period of 12 months (at least 2 times a month or 5 times a quarter) to one or more EU/EFTA states. In this case, a multi-state certificate can be issued.

    What happens if I enter without a Certificate of Coverage?

    This is not a good idea. Everyone must comply to the law. Also controls are taking place increasingly in many EU/EFTA states. Failure to comply with the Certificate of Coverage rules can lead to considerable consequences. In addition to fines, access to the company or exhibition grounds may be refused or social security contributions may be collected immediately in accordance with the law of the travel destination country. On top the insurance can refuse to pay benefits if an accident occurs during the stay abroad.

    What are the employer's tasks?

    When sending an employee – this also applies to business travellers - to another EU/EFTA country the employer is required (duty of care) to apply for a Certificate of Coverage and to inform the traveller. The employer has the possibility to provide the employee with a process of applying for the Certificate of Coverage.

    What are the employee's duties?

    The employee is obliged to carry the Certificate of Coverage during the stay abroad.

    Who issues the Certificate of Coverage?

    The compensation funds (Ausgleichskassen) issue the Certificate of Coverage. The application process can be simplified by technology-based solutions of the DVKG Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft, in particular the proof of the application can be transmitted on tablet or smartphone so that – especially for business trips at short notice – there is no need to wait for the printed document.

    How long does it take to issue the Certificate of Coverage?

    The processing time is usually up to 3 days. The DVKG Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft offers a 24/7 service for urgent business trips at short notice.




    Statement Andreas Schneider, Head of Kuoni Business Travel Switzerland

    We are pleased to continuously expand our product and service portfolio and to have DVKG as a professional and experienced partner at our side. The topic of A1 certification will become more and more important and we see a great need for information for the Swiss market.

PHONE : +4144 461 0895 | CONTACT@ASTM.ONLINE

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