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Swiss4Lebanon: Methkal Story

27 Jan 2023 12:17 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

Methkal is 5 years old and resides in Massaken, a village in South-Lebanon, with his parents, two brothers, and one sister. He is part of the Masar community center’s special needs program.

Since Methkal was a baby, he suffered from oxygen shortages at birth, leading to several days in an incubator. His mother expressed to the center’s social worker how she always struggled with Methkal’s increased physical activity and hyperactivity; when Methkal was 2 years old he fell from the balcony from a height of 4 meters. They were living in an abandoned structure that was unsuitable for habitation. As a result of this accident, Methkal had a severe concussion.

Methkal's mother attempted to enroll him in formal schooling, but after just two weeks he was expelled for repeatedly attempting to jump off the balcony. Methkal enrolled in the informal education program two years ago. His excessive energy and hostility toward his classmates were noted by the teachers. He used to shout and hit them, while refusing to participate in any class activities. Methkal was unable to concentrate in class, and refused to follow teacher instructions. As a result of this, Methkal was one of the students to be evaluated by a special education specialist for the special needs program.

The evaluation showed that although Methkal is a very bright and talented child, his current learning delay and behavioral problems have been instigated by his living situation at home, where the mom is subject to regular domestic violence.

Months after Methkal began to receive the proper guidance and care from the center’s special ed teacher, he demonstrated tremendous progress in his behavior and learning. He started to comply with classroom rules, and his concentration level enhanced greatly. Methkal regularly asks his teachers whether there will be school the following day as his only wish is to “attend the community center every single day.” He now assists his teacher, shows friendliness, and makes an effort to behave properly. He supports his pals and has made significant academic progress. The teacher is incredibly proud of him and the person he has developed into. She claims that all he required was some special attention and someone to listen to his needs.

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