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  • 31 Oct 2023 09:54 | Bosco (Administrator)

    For the fourth consecutive year, BCD Travel has received a Platinum rating from EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. With this Platinum rating, we maintain our position in the top 1% of the 100,000+ companies assessed by EcoVadis. As part of the assessment, BCD has been rated as ‘Advanced’ in EcoVadis’ Carbon Action Module. The module is a comprehensive carbon management solution integrated with EcoVadis ratings to engage suppliers and drive decarbonization across the supply chain.     
    “BCD Travel has made impressive progress since their first assessment in 2011,” said Joseph Tremonti, customer success manager EMEA at EcoVadis. “Year after year, they strive to improve their performance and drive impact, establishing themselves as a global leader in sustainability. Their Platinum rating instills confidence in their clients that BCD is the right supplier to support their sustainability objectives.” 
    Together with our alignment with global initiatives such as the
    UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the CDP, this independent recognition demonstrates our commitment to climate, social and ethical accountability.   
    "At BCD, sustainability is core to our vision, mission and values,” said Olivia Ruggles-Brise, BCD’s vice president of Sustainability. “In support of our vision, we’ve developed a new Sustainability Framework that expresses our commitment to use the power of our networks to drive a more sustainable world. Through this framework, we work with our company, our people, our business partners and our customers to influence sustainable change." 
    One place of influence is TripSource®,our traveler engagement and booking platform. For example,
    a new AI-driven accessibility widget in TripSource allows an even wider range of travelers to use the tool. The widget supports users with visual, auditory, physical and speech needs, ensuring a more inclusive workplace environment for all travelers. TripSource users can also see carbon emissions estimates for nearly all flights and filter hotels that have electric car charging stations, helping travelers make more sustainable decisions at the point of sale.  
    Within Advito, BCD’s consultancy arm, the
    Sustainability Collaboration™ Practice also continues to advance. With its ISO-certified reporting methodology GATE4 at the foundation, Advito developed the Environmental Quality Service Index for supplier negotiations and the ISO-certified Carbon Emissions Calculator for meetings and events. 
    Furthermore, BCD has a
    Supplier Code of Conduct that includes standards on ethical business practices, human rights, labor standards, privacy and environmental protection. We expect suppliers to regard the Supplier Code as a total supply chain initiative and to adhere to these ethical principles.  
    “Sustainability is a journey that we’ve been on for many years, and we’re eager for others to join,” added Ruggles-Brise. “It requires a collective effort across the entire industry. Our clients, partners and people are constantly driving each other to push for better when building a sustainable future for business travel. Our focus is on taking action that prioritizes positive impact – and we invite all our stakeholders to help us with this objective.” 
    Our 2024 priorities include:  

    ·       Investment in the development of new products and services to enable a sustainable travel culture for customers. 

    ·       Implementation of a new supplier due diligence process.  

    ·       Expansion of social impact activities to maximize benefits to its people and communities. 

    ·       Further reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions through energy efficiency and use of renewables.  

    ·       Define, measure and set targets for Scope 3 emissions (such as business travel, employee commuting, and purchased goods and services). 


    To learn more about BCD’s sustainability initiatives, see our 2023 Sustainability Report summarizing goals, activities, achievements and progress made in 2022.

  • 31 Oct 2023 09:52 | Bosco (Administrator)

    October 2, 2023 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Kuoni Business Travel, a distinguished name in business travel management, is delighted to announce its collaboration with EPFL on the grand opening of "La Maison de la Mobilité" at the EPFL campus in Ecublens on October 2nd, 2023. This event was attended by esteemed guests, including representatives from Transports Publics de la Région Lausannoise (tl) and EPFL, and marked a remarkable milestone in the realm of sustainable mobility.


    Renowned for its dedication to providing comprehensive and sustainable travel solutions to companies worldwide, Kuoni Business Travel has firmly established itself as a leader in the corporate travel industry. The company's commitment to innovation, technology, and personalized service has consistently assisted organizations in optimizing their travel programs for success.

    In a collaborative effort that reflects EPFL's dedication to advancing sustainable mobility, Kuoni Business Travel is honored to have partnered with EPFL to support "La Maison de la Mobilité," strategically co-located with Transports Lausannois, a prominent public transport company in Lausanne. This collaboration is a testament to Kuoni's pride in being selected to contribute to the development and implementation of cutting-edge mobility solutions that align with evolving global travel trends and emerging technologies.

    "La Maison de la Mobilité" is a state-of-the-art facility established by EPFL, dedicated to exploring and advancing mobility solutions, encompassing smart transportation systems, sustainable mobility, and innovations in urban mobility. Kuoni Business Travel takes immense pride in sharing this space with Transports Lausannois, symbolizing a collaborative effort to foster innovations in public and corporate mobility while enhancing the overall travel experience for businesses and individuals.

    The grand opening event was a testament to the shared commitment to sustainable mobility, bringing together executives, experts, and enthusiasts from the mobility sector. This occasion provided a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas on the future of mobility.

    Kuoni Business Travel's active participation in the grand opening of "La Maison de la Mobilité" signifies its dedication to remaining at the forefront of the corporate travel industry. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to offering innovative and tailored travel solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients. The official operation of "La Maison de la Mobilité" is scheduled to commence in early December 2023, and Kuoni Business Travel eagerly anticipates serving EPFL staff and students, contributing to a seamless mobility experience for the entire EPFL community.

    Kuoni Business Travel is excited to be a part of this transformative venture, actively shaping the future of sustainable mobility and corporate travel.


    For Information or Sales inquiries, please contact directly Kuoni Business Travel:

  • 3 Oct 2023 15:05 | Bosco (Administrator)
    • The Meeting Services Team works in cooperation with different Online Meeting Booking Tools. Through these websites inquiries and booking processes can be made more transparent, cost-efficient and managed in a targeted manner as well as providing the customer with an individual support.


      Benefits of an online meeting booking tool: 

    • Cost savings through process optimization
    • Access to over 200.000 conference hotels and event locations 
    • Uniformly structured hotel offers as an optimal basis for decision-making
    • Time saving through comparability of offers
    • Integration into your intranet or interface to other applications


      In addition, the Meeting Services Team offers the following service:

    • Project manager for the integration of the process into your company
    • Competent service and support by hotel experts and event managers for your bookings
    • Renegotiation process
    • Individual reporting
    • Invoice verification and payment process


    For more information, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail or visit

    Online Meeting Tool:

  • 29 Sep 2023 12:22 | Bosco (Administrator)

    CIBT, the leading global provider of visa and immigration services for corporations and individuals, is proud to announce two new office locations: Zurich, Switzerland and Gothenburg, Sweden. These offices will help extend CIBT’s global reach and our provision of best-in-class service to our customers.

    Our new offices will ease the process of getting visas, especially for China. Visa processing times for Swiss passport holders or other nationalities heading to China will now be also possible in our Zurich office. Previously, all visa applications were processed through our office in Bern. However now we can do your China visa applications in Zurich where China’s main embassy is also located. Clients can now decide whether to take the fingerprints in Zurich or Bern. Get more information on our homepage

    The Gothenburg office will build upon our established working relationship with the China Visa Acceptance Center (CVAC). One direct benefit to our Gothenburg clients are the dedicated slots we have at the CVAC, meaning quicker visa processing times for China. Both offices will process visas for a full range of international destinations as well, and will provide services such as document legalizations. Service in Zurich is available in English and German, while service in Gothenburg is provided in both Swedish and English. You can find the address for each office here:

    We look forward to helping you travel the world.

    Download more informations on services of the CIBT Zurich Office.

  • 29 Sep 2023 12:20 | Bosco (Administrator)

    Travel can be stressful or complicated for anyone, but travelers with disabilities can face even more obstacles due to the way services and environments are designed. BCD Travel’s new report, Accessibility in Travel, examines the topic through the lens of business travel.

    According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.3 billion people currently experience significant disability, and this number is increasing. Travel suppliers need to start paying more attention to the subject. By committing to equality, tourism companies become more sustainable and attract new audiences because they can support people with various diversity dimensions.

    What’s inside the report?

    The Accessibility in Travel report distinguishes between three types of accessibility: physical accessibility, communication accessibility and Web accessibility. Understanding the types and why they’re important can lead to providing a broad range of solutions that eliminate access barriers for travelers, ultimately generating business opportunities and greater product differentiation.

    Topics covered:

    ·       11 reasons why accessibility is important

    ·       A brief summary of ISO Standard 21902 Accessible tourism for all

    ·       A snapshot of main accessibility challenges

    ·       Considerations for accessible travel services, including adapted hotel rooms and car rentals, mobility equipment hire and travel companion services

    Integrating accessibility into BCD Travel services

    BCD already is dedicating more resources to accessibility in an effort to provide the most sustainable travel programs for clients. BCD’s work in the Life Sciences sector provides first-hand insight into the needs of travelers with disabilities (and how travel isn’t always designed to be accessible to everyone).

    As part of its commitment, BCD recently launched a new functionality allowing an even wider range of travelers to use TripSource® by BCD Travel, a website and mobile app for travelers and travel arrangers. Now, on the desktop version, travelers can easily access an AI-driven accessibility tool that supports users with visual, auditory, physical and speech needs. The accessibility menu offers options for screen readers, color contrast, text size, text spacing, dyslexia-friendly fonts, and more.


    Link to report:


  • 29 Sep 2023 12:17 | Bosco (Administrator)

    • You are a company with locations in Switzerland and abroad. Your international employees utilize the benefits of paying by credit card. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have a single contractual partner take over responsibility for handling all your monthly credit card invoices in a clear and consistent manner? The International – Commercial Credit Card program by UBS provides you with considerable added value:


    • Only one single contract is required, which must bear the legally valid signature of the CH entity. There is no need for further local subcontracts. All card application forms can be handled centrally (but if required, may be delegated to the respective regions and/or countries). You also benefit from centralized key account support, which provides assistance with all issues related to your global corporate card program. All service processes are consistent and supported in the same way. You won't be faced with local or regional exceptions.
    • The invoicing methods can be perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether collective, individual or mixed invoicing, your established and preferred accounting workflow will be fully supported.
    • Furthermore, we offer one single interface for your expense management eco-system, such as your Travel Management Company (TMC), your Expense Management Solution provider or further required data delivery systems. This makes complex interface projects a thing of the past.
    • You may also be able to benefit from preferential (financial) terms based on the increased total card transaction volume. Based on the global sourcing of your global expenditure and a single global contract, we can offer very attractive financial conditions.
    • Last but not least you will have a full and centralized view regarding the compliance of your travel policy and further risk elements within your travel management program. The centralized program provides a transparent view of the global program, allowing for efficient compliance and risk management.

    • Requirements

      The following criteria need to be fulfilled in order to utilize the “International – Commercial Credit Card Program”:

    • 1.     The contractual partner is a company headquartered in Switzerland.

    • 2.     The credit card program limit is issued for this company, and it alone is liable for any outstanding debts.

    Are you interested? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Simply write us an email (, let us know how we should contact you and we will get back to you shortly.


  • 28 Aug 2023 12:39 | Bosco (Administrator)

    Dear friends, dear friends of friends

    We urgently need your help! ❣️

    We have been successfully operating the Masar Community Center in Lebanon since January 2026. So far, we have taught, welcomed, sheltered and provided psychological support to over 600 children with their severe trauma.

    In order for us to continue to operate our "Masar Community Center" and to be able to offer education, perspectives and protection to over 140 children per year, we are STRONGLY dependent on donations!

    Therefore, become a part of "Friends4Masar"

    Our goal is to build and expand the "Friends4Masar" circle with you and your friends.

    With an annual recurring donation of CHF 100 (just under 30 centimes per day), you will not only support important education of children in need, but you will also benefit from advantages such as receiving information about events in advance and when there is a sale of new beautiful products such as scarves, soaps and hoodies, etc. for the benefit of the school, you will be given priority.

    The more friends join in, the more money will be raised, and we will be able to continue running our Masar Community Center in Lebanon sustainably.

    For the operation of the school and the various educational programs, we need CHF 150'000 per year.

    Please set up a standing order of at least CHF 100.- on your bank account and register here to enjoy the benefits.

    Also, it is very important that you tell your friends about our project. Thank you for forwarding the message.

    Together we can achieve a lot! Together we are strong!

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts in the name of all children of our school



    Swiss4Lebanon Team



  • 27 Jul 2023 15:17 | Bosco (Administrator)

    The Annual General Meeting of the France-Switzerland Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, the world's largest professional association in the events segment, was held yesterday in the presence of active members of the association in the French and Swiss markets.

    "I am pleased to inform you that my mandate as President continues alongside Ariane Schmidt, and Elodie Lortal, who were re-elected" said Veronique Holveck. 

    Welcome to the 3 new members elected to the Board of the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter: Marie Holzmann, (Switzerland), VP Membership; María-Elena López-Díaz (Switzerland), Membership Director; Erwan Ly, (France), Co-Director Communication & Marketing.Review of actions and events over the past 12 months, resolutions and presentation of the 2023/2024 action plan....More than ever, the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter is mobilising to raise the profile of the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter, increase its #MICE community and implement a targeted local strategy to develop MPI and its values!

    July, 10th, 2023

  • 28 Jun 2023 16:12 | Bosco (Administrator)
    • It's summertime! And is there any better way to end a busy and successful meeting with a delicious barbecue at the Dorint Hotels & Resorts Switzerland. The cosy atmosphere in the spacious and green garden area of the Essential by Dorint Basel City in Basel, or the Dorint Airport-Hotel Zurich at Zurich Airport are the perfect location for it.

      Book your event now !
      Tel : +41 44 808 10 16 or E-Mail : |

      Our recommendation: «Dorint Signature Barbecue»

      • Salads
        • Seasonal leaf salads | tomato | cucumber | peppers | sweetcorn | carrots | tuna
        • Balsamico dressing | yoghurt dressing | seasonal dressing | toppings
        • Bread selection
      • From the grill
        • Juicy pulled pork | BBQ marinade
        • Tender Beef | coffee chili marinade
        • Jamaika Jerk deboned Chicken
        • Shrimps | garlic herb marinade
      • Grill sauces
        • Grilled sweetcorn with caipirinha butter
        • Multicolored grilled vegetables
        • Pimientos de padrón | Maldon Salz
        • Braised sweetpotato | lemon pepper | cinnamon 
      • Dessert
        • Selection of mini desserts
        • Saisonal fruits

    From CHF 79, - per person*

    * Upon request and subject to availability.

  • 28 Jun 2023 16:08 | Bosco (Administrator)

    The Cachet Hotel Collection operates three outstanding hotels in Baden: the Trafo Hotel, the Blue City Hotel and the Limmathof Hotel & Spa. Each of these hotels offers a unique atmosphere and meets the different preferences of the guests. The Trafo Hotel impresses with its industrial modern interior and offers convenient online check-in and check-out. The Limmathof Hotel & Spa offers a high-end experience where guests also have access to the spa area. At the Blue City Hotel, guests can expect a cosy living room atmosphere and delicious burger creations.

    All three hotels are located in close proximity to the renowned Trafo Congress Centre, making them ideal accommodation for business travellers.

    The Hotel Kettenbrücke in Aarau offers its guests a comprehensive solution under one roof. Here, business and seminar guests will find excellent gastronomic offerings, beautiful rooms and first-class seminar rooms.

    In spring 2024, the Cachet Hotel Collection will open its first hotel abroad. The Blu Mare Hotel will take its place in Novigrad, Istria, Croatia, underlining the group's commitment to first-class hospitality in new climes.

    The Cachet Hotel Collection thus offers an outstanding selection of first-class hotels that meet guests' individual needs and preferences. With their unique offerings and prime locations, these hotels are the perfect choice for an unforgettable stay.

PHONE : +4144 461 0895 | CONTACT@ASTM.ONLINE

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